Server MTM 9105-22BSystem firmware
HMC and HMC Virtual ApplianceML1020_079
ML1020_089 (2)
V10 R2 M1030 (1)Supported
V10 R1 M1021 (1)Supported
V10 R1 M1020 (1)Supported

Matrix key

  1. V10 R1 M1020, V10 R1 M1021, V10 R2 M1030 - Note: Starting with HMC R870 additional options are available to run HMC on Power machines either directly or as a virtual appliance. To download HMC to run on Power 7063 machine types, visit IBM Fix Central here.
  2. ML1020_079, ML1020_085, ML1020_089 - Note: Upgrading from a lower Release level is always disruptive. Therefore, you should also install this (disruptive) Service Pack for the new Release level at the same time.