DVD-ROM based MDS is designed for systems which are not internet-connected. Like the Web based version, it is used to determine if your IBM System P is at the latest microcode level. You may then perform updates at a time most convenient to you.

This service provides a DVD image in ISO 9660 format. It contains microcode updates as well as an executable called the Microcode Discovery Tool (MDT). A "Readme" file accompanies the tool and provides recommended methods for surveying and installing microcode.

Use this DVD-ROM to keep your microcode current with the latest available updates. The MDT tool may be useful in managing your system and I/O adapter microcode by surveying, retrieving, and in some cases installing the latest updates.

Using the DVD-ROM and the MDT Tool

An ISO file contains a CD or DVD image, stored in the ISO 9660 format. The image represents a set of files as they will appear once extracted and burned onto a disc. The usual file extension of an ISO file is ".iso".
To be used by an AIX system, the ISO file must first be extracted and burned onto a DVD-ROM disc. Please consult the software that came with your DVD-ROM burner.