This page describes how microcode survey files from Inventory Scout (*.mup files), can be uploaded programmatically to the IBM MDS site for analysis.

Prepare the Upload File

Survey files from Inventory Scout may be concatenated together and uploaded in one HTTP POST operation. Extra blank lines between survey files are ignored, however if a newline character is missing from the end of one of the survey files, the resulting concatenation may be unparsable. So it is a good idea to insert an extra blank line between files. The name of the upload file must either be "mdsData", or end with ".mup".

POST the Upload File

The prepared upload file may be sent to the MDS upload server at

by invoking a utility that performs a standard HTTP POST operation. A number of utilities are available on the internet that can perform the POST operation. For instance the following cURL command (available in the AIX Toolbox) will upload a file called "local.mup" to MDS for analysis:

curl -F "mdsData=@local.mup;type=multipart/form"

If the POST goes correctly, the resulting output stream will contain an HTML document containing an analysis of the uploaded microcode survey file.