The Fix Level Recommendation Tool (FLRT) provides cross-product compatibility information and fix recommendations for IBM products. Use FLRT to plan upgrades of key components or to verify the current health of a system. Enter your current levels of firmware and software to receive a recommendation. When planning upgrades, enter the levels of firmware or software you want to use, so you can verify levels and compatibility across products before you upgrade.

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Report Tools

Generate a report for hardware compatibilities and system vulnerabilities.

Data Tables

View our raw data in table format

Scripting Tools

AIX scripting tools built with KornShell.

APAR Tools

Find detailed information on APARs.

System Storage Interoperation Center

Storage compatibility matrix information is now available on the System Storage Interoperation Center (SSIC).

Software Product Compatibility Reports

High-level reports about products for operating systems, hypervisors, translations, detailed system requirements, hardware requirements and end of service dates.