To find the VIOS level on your system, enter: ioslevel

To find the LoadLeveler level with LoadLeveler, enter: llstat -v

To find the operating system level, enter: dspptf

Enter one of the following to find the GPFS level on your system. For AIX: lslpp -L gpfs.base, or For Linux: rpm -qa | grep gpfs

To determine the model and processor speed on AIX, enter: prtconf To determine the model on IBM i, enter: dsphdwrsc type(*prc)

Enter the following to find the PowerHA (HACMP) level. For AIX: lslpp -L

To determine your level of AIX, enter oslevel -s

Enter one of the following to determine the firmware level. For AIX: lsmcode-c, For Linux: lsmcode, or For IBM i: dspfmwsts

To find the version installed on your system, enter: csmconfig -V and then use lslpp -L csm*

To find the code level on your HMC, enter: lshmc -V

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