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Verify HMC and server firmware combinations for IBM Systems that use POWER processors.

Supported code combinations for HMC and server firmware
View a matrix of POWER HMC and system firmware levels. Use these tables to find supported combinations of HMC and system firmware levels. See the Terminology link below for a key to reading the matrix tables and a glossary of terms.

Machine-Type-Model Family Name Power Code Matrix
9786-42H Power Systems L1024
9786-22H Power Systems L1022
9105-42A Power Systems S1024
9105-41B Power Systems S1014
9105-22B Power Systems S1022s
9105-22A Power Systems S1022
9080-HEX Power Systems E1080
9043-MRX Power Systems E1050
Machine-Type-Model Family Name Power Code Matrix
9223-42H IBM Power System H924
9223-22H IBM Power System H922
9080-M9S Power Systems E980
9040-MR9 Power Systems E950
9009-42G Power Systems S924
9009-42A IBM Power System S924
9009-41G Power Systems S914
9009-41A IBM Power System S914
9009-22G Power Systems S922
9009-22A IBM Power System S922
9008-22L IBM Power System L922
Machine-Type-Model Family Name Power Code Matrix
9119-MME IBM Power System E870
9119-MHE IBM Power System E880
9080-MME IBM Power System E870C
9080-MHE IBM Power System E880C
8408-E8E IBM Power E850
8408-44E IBM Power E850C
8286-42A IBM Power S824
8286-41A IBM Power S814
8284-22A IBM Power S822
8284-21A IBM Power System S812
8247-42L IBM Power System S824L
8247-22L IBM Power S822L
8247-21L IBM Power S812L
Machine-Type-Model Family Name Power Code Matrix
9179-MHD IBM Power 780
9179-MHC IBM Power 780
9179-MHB IBM Power 780
9125-F2C IBM Power 775
9119-FHB IBM Power 795
9117-MMD IBM Power 770
9117-MMC IBM Power 770
9117-MMB IBM Power 770
9109-RMD IBM Power 760
8412-EAD IBM Power ESE
8408-E8D IBM Power 750 Express
8268-E1D IBM Power 710 Express
8248-L4T IBM PowerLinux 7R4
8246-L2T IBM PowerLinux 7R2
8246-L2S IBM PowerLinux 7R2 server
8246-L2D IBM PowerLinux 7R2
8246-L2C IBM PowerLinux 7R2 server
8246-L1T IBM PowerLinux 7R1
8246-L1S IBM PowerLinux 7R1
8246-L1D IBM PowerLinux 7R1
8246-L1C IBM PowerLinux 7R1 server
8236-E8C IBM Power 755
8233-E8B IBM Power 750 Express
8231-E2D IBM Power 730
8231-E2C IBM Power 730
8231-E2B IBM Power 710 and 730 Express
8231-E1D IBM Power 710
8231-E1C IBM Power 710
8205-E6D IBM Power 740
8205-E6C IBM Power 740
8205-E6B IBM Power 740 Express
8202-E4D IBM Power 720
8202-E4C IBM Power 720
8202-E4B IBM Power 720 Express
Machine-Type-Model Family Name Power Code Matrix
9406-MMA IBM i 570
9125-F2A IBM Power 575
9119-FHA IBM Power 595
9117-MMA IBM Power 570
8234-EMA IBM Power 560 Express
8204-E8A IBM Power 550 Express
8203-E4A IBM Power 520 Express
Machine-Type-Model Family Name Power Code Matrix
9117-570 IBM System p5 570
Machine-Type-Model Family Name Power Code Matrix
7954-24X IBM p270
7895-43X IBM p460
7895-42X IBM p460
7895-23X IBM p260
7895-23A IBM p260
7895-22X IBM p260
1457-7FL IBM p24L
Machine-Type-Model Family Name Power Code Matrix
8844-xxx IBM BladeCenter JS21
8842-xxx IBM BladeCenter JS20
8406-71Y IBM BladeCenter PS701/702
8406-70Y IBM BladeCenter PS700 Express
7998-61X IBM BladeCenter JS22
7998-60X IBM BladeCenter JS12 Express
7988-xxx IBM BladeCenter JS21
7891-74X IBM BladeCenter PS704
7891-73X IBM BladeCenter PS 703
7778-23X IBM BladeCenter JS23-43